About TGI Fridays

About TGI Fridays history

The Fridays feeling

New York City, 1965. It ís the swinging 60s and TGI Fridays has just opened its doors ñ a cocktail bar on the corner of 63rd Street and First Avenue. The brainchild of a perfume salesman, Alan Stillman, TGI Fridays was a new bar, the first of its kind.

Fridays was designed to bring people together, to mix, to mingle and to make memories. With one aim to deliver that famous Friday feeling every day of the week. Stillman is still credited today with inventing the singles bar.

Today, just like in 1965, our innovative cocktails are made with the freshest, tastiest ingredients. Delicious fruit bursting with flavor are combined with premium liquor and mixers, prepared for you by our skilled mixologists.

The Fridays menu is full of authentic American dishes that deliver contemporary flavors, old favorites and unforgettable food. Food that is prepared freshly for you by our talented chefs using the best ingredients available. Food that you can enjoy with a cocktail and food you can share with your friends.

So, grab a drink, leave the day behind and enjoy the good times only Fridays can deliver. Because this story is just getting started.

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